The One Touch Fire for less than $1 !!

FireFox OS Phones are in the process of being launched. The first Firefox OS phone, the ZTE Open, made its debut on July 2 in Spain via Telefonica. Now the company has officially launched the Alcatel One Touch Fire via Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile Poland. They have started selling the Firefox OS phone on July 12th online and it will be available in stores starting on July 15th.

Firefox is planning to make the phone available through Deutsche Telekom’s various subsidiaries to Germany, Hungary, and Greece in the coming Autumn. The United States will see the phone in 2014.

The price points are very attractive; The One Touch Fire (being sold in Poland) featuring a 3.5-inch, 480-by-320-pixel display will cost less than $1 “in combination with a very attractive tariff,”.


Deutsche Telekom’s announcement comes only days after Telefonica Movistar in Spain started selling the first commercial device supporting Firefox OS – the ZTE Open – for €69.


The rollout of Firefox OS devices follows the announcement at Mobile World Congress in February 2013 that more than 20 operators and handset vendors would support the new platform.

The key behind Firefox’s strategy is to bring the a smartphone experience at a low price point, with a particular focus on emerging markets. The question is, how will this impact on Android and Apple?

Source: PCMag