The Internet of Things and The Good Night Lamp

The Good Night Lamp is for people who are away from home and would like to keep in touch with their loved ones. But this is not unlike anything that you have seen before.  It is an innovative product which uses the idea of “The Internet of Things”.

For those who are not familiar with “The Internet of Things” or IOT for short, this is defined as a computing concept that connects everyday physical objects to the internet and are able to identify themselves to other devices.  The technology is synonmous with RFID as the method of communication which includes other sensor and wireless technologies.

The Good Night Lamp transforms the IOT from a concept to a very viable, tangible and practical product.  It comprises of a “family of lights”, made up of a larger light (primary) and two smaller ones (secondary).  All the lights are made in the shape of a home.  The idea in a nutshell is that it, it is possible to communicate one’s homecoming remotely to other holders in the “family”.  The smaller lamps (secondary lights) are synchronised to the larger lamp (primary light) so once the primary lamp is lit, the seconday ones also light up.

This is ideal in circumstances when a family member is away on the other side of the globe.  When the person has arrived or is back from a meeting, they could remotely turn on their lamp which in turn will also synchronise with the lamps on this side of the world.

The idea has gained prominent attention and the project is just taking off on KickStarter after a little seed funding from friends of the team that have supported the project.  The team comprises of four very clever and innovative people which include Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (Founder), John Nussey (Head of Products), Adrian McEwen (CTO) and Konstantinos Chalaris (Lead Designer).

Alexandra has written the project’s experience on KickStarter for other flegling ideas that need that initial financial and marketing push.  The Good Night Light project can be followed on twitter @GNLteam and with their official website Good Night Light Website and for more information of their progress on Good Night Lamp on Kickstarter.