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Windows 8 and Nokia – A closer relationship

Despite the growing dominance of Android, Nokia the Finnish mobile phone maker has stated that it will maintain its primary focus on Windows based smartphones.  Stephen Elop, chief executive  of the Nokia Corporation was speaking to reporters in Bangkok on the 6th February, when he made the statement.

Nokia has maintained a strong presence in Thailand for 20 years and it is in the top-14 focus country for Nokia globally.  Stephen Elop expressed confidence that Nokia will regain a dominant position in the smartphone market and regain leadership of Thailand’s overall mobile market.

Stephen Elop is aimed at working closely with the mobile operators and retailers in transforming Thailand’s mobile industry into third generation technology from the traditional 2G.

The company is planning to broaden is product portfolio by adding both higher-capacity models and lower price points to its Windows-based Lumia smartphone line, said Mr Elop.

Nokia is managing its transition period for its five components: network, mobile phones, intellectual property and patents, location-based service and smartphones.  More apps will be offered on top of the 125,000 and it already has gained traction with navigation and mapping apps which have achieved high success among motorists.