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RFID, Alien Technology and the iPhone

Alien Technology has partnered with Turkey-based RFID company Teknopalas to develop a RFID reader network application designed for the Apple iPhone.

The I-Alien ALR9900+ is a free application that monitors and controls an arrangement of one or more Alien ALR-9900+ Enterprise Readers on the network via an iPhone as opposed to a computer.

I-Alien ALR9900+ automatically detects all readers on the network allowing users to remotely manage the network, connect to selected readers, adjust antenna settings, write/read tags, test performance and email results, among other actions. All actions and results are presented in a simple style familiar to iPhone users.

Users can also monitor the electronic product code (EPC) data of tags, the speed of tag reads, tag signal strength, total unique tags in the field and more. The application also provides users the ability to write data into the EPC field of the selected tag, update protect passwords and control or modify both the power and which designated antenna is used, among other features.

Additionally, the I-Alien reader application offers users the ability to manage reader network settings, including IP settings such as fixing a static IP address or switching to dynamic addressing; saving the settings to the ROM of the reader; and even rebooting the reader, if desired.

The application is available free of charge from both the US and European Apple App Store. Search for “ialien.”

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