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Cityvox enables diners to review experience with RFID

Cityvox a French media content company which operates a network of Web sites offering local content throughout France, is enabling diners to employ RFID to view reviews and ratings at more than 1,500 restaurants. The aim of using NFC technology is to make it easier for the public to access that information.

The technology consists of Near Field Communication (NFC) passive RFID stickers attached at restaurant entrances. Software directs consumer’s NFC-enabled mobile phone to a Web site listing content for that specific restaurant, based on the sticker’s ID number.

In the case that consumers phones are not equipped with NFC RFID readers, a QR code is printed on the front of each sticker enabling them to access that same information.

After completing the meal a receipt embedded with a NFC tag allows consumer’s to tap their phone to access another server linking them to post reviews of their experience, without leaving their table. The reviews are presented on Cityvox’s Web site for others to view, either from a PC or a phone, and the company collects the ratings in order to determine which restaurant within a particular local area is most popular, and thus deserves “Selected” status.

Cityvox approached Orange for a solution, which it first trialed in Paris for several weeks before proceeding to mail 1,553 “Cityvox Selection” stickers in November 2012 to restaurants within 133 French cities.

The sticker is composed of an RFID inlay made with a NXP Semiconductors NTag203 chip. The URL encoded to the sticker’s RFID chip directs the mobile phone to a server designated for that specific restaurant’s reviews and ratings.

The tags are designed to be sturdy enough to resist rain with a lifetime of a year before replacement. There are no formal statistics to measure the success, however there are indications that restaurateurs are pleased with the results so far.