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Internet of Things Summer Showcase

You would be fooled into thinking that The INTERNET OF THINGS SUMMER SHOWCASE on the 29th August which showed off 10 leading innovative projects was a collection of Electronic Projects for an “A” Level exam. But this is not the case.

The 10 innovative projects showcased how the internet of things is affecting our education, everyday products, scientific discoveries and the way we share information. The following is a brief synopsis of the individual projects and where you can find them on the net.

Air Quality Egg – this is a sensor system designed to allow anyone to collect data about particular pollutants with inexpensive DIY sensors – airqualityegg.com

WiNode – this is a low cost platform for developing smart wireless sensor applications. It is based on Arduino and uses the popular RFM12 wireless transceiver module – nanode.eu

IOTM – IOTM is the internet of things maker kit containing all you need to get started with buidling your own IOT project – iotm.org

WhereDial – this connects to your social media accounts via an online service and checks your current location, it then turns the dial to read “Home”, “Station” or wherever you are – wheredial.com

Bubblino – this is a twitter monitoring, bubble blowing Arduino-bot. The device watches twitter for a keyword and then blows a bubble – bubblino.com

Flexibility – this creates a network of wireless sensors for the home where each sensor is connected to the Internet through usual home wireless routers – flexibility.com

Multi-Channel Ambient Orb – The projects builds on the basic concept of an orb by adding the ability to communicate multiple channels at the same time – literally glowing more than one colour – knolleary.net/orb

Printer – this is a distributed open-source system, building a network of Internet-connected printers allowing to generate customised content for them. This can be shared with other Internet-connected printers – gofreerange.com/printer

Chirp – this is a new way to share one’s data using sound. Data in the form of photos, webpages and contacts can is sent from a smartphone to another via built-in speaker – chirp.io

The Open University – an Internet of Things module has been created by the Open University for the 1st year undergraduate computer science course – sense.open.ac.uk

The next Internet of Things Showcase is on the Tuesday, September 25, 2012.  To book a place click here