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The shift from the Check-in to the Check-out

Despite security and privacy issues, there are indications that consumers are steadily embracing smartphones and the apps, content and media consumption they enable. Organisations are setting their sights on using these devices to influence transactions. This cultural shift is an indication of a change in mindset of getting the consumer to the door.

There has been various opinions in regards to the ‘Check-in’ and its validity as some research would indicate, an example by Pew Internet & American Life Project being one. It was found in May 2011 that while 58% of smartphone users had used some form of LBS, just 12% had checked in ‘somewhere’.

However, the mobile advertising and marketing firm Hipcricket reported in October 2011 that interest in LBS offers has increased from 40% of smartphone users in 2008 to 54% of smartphone users in 2011.

The transition to harness geographic data to close a sale is partly driven by the fading novelty of the ‘Check-in’. ┬áConsumers are driven by gaining access to real time deals or purchases.