#geomob London

I managed to get to a very exciting meetup this week entitled #geomob based at the Google Campus in London. This is the first meetup that I attended in a few months and I was not disappointed. The meetup is one of the leading events for the open source geo community.

All the companies that presented looked at the most innovative ways of mapping data. First off was a Noah Veltman who mapped the history of San Fransicso streets. He discussed the various pros and cons of the project which can be followed by clicking this link http://sfstreets.noahveltman.com/

Savio Dimatteo a software engineer for Lokku-Nestoria discussed some of Nestoria’s geocoding challenges. Nestoria is one of the leading property search engines in the UK.  The UK is particularly easy to map but the talk covered issues related to mapping places where data is very limited such as India.

Michael Tandy is a software developer for the online grocery delivery company Ocado. Michael discussed the false ideas that programmers have about names, time and geography with numerous examples of all. Michael’s site is http://www.mjt.me.uk/

Raymond Kenney, the co-founder of Inquiron and Mapsdata show cased Mapsdata services. The service is a user friendly program that helps to visualise sales, demographic and social data in very easy steps. Interpretation is more effective than the use of spreadsheets and is illustrated in an innovative way that helps to visualise complex results. Cross-correlation of various data sets such as World Bank Data, Twitter and other open data. For further information please click the following link: http://www.mapsdata.co.uk/

The most exciting presentation was by the co-founders of ViziCities. Peter Smart and Rob Hawkes’ main inspiration was SIM City, which I am sure that you have played at one time or another. Vizicities is effectively a real time version of the game with many potential applications which include gaming, infrastructure projection as well as social study.

In conclusion, London is hosting the most exciting and cutting edge innovative companies in the world. Mapping big data is not just about analysis but also about presentation.