David Whale – The Raspberry Pi Expert

I came across David Whale in Foyles in London 2 weeks ago whilst purchasing a copy of Practical Raspberry Pi by Brenda Horan. The main reason for the purchase was to look into the subject of cross compiling.  The initial question that I asked David was based on how accurate chapters and articles in books and magazines are referencing projects related to the Raspberry Pi.

We both agreed that articles written on any projects related to the Raspberry Pi in magazines contain a number of inaccuracies but he did go on to say that anything that is published in books goes through much more of a stringent control process than in magazines.

Now you may be wondering why I spoke to David? David runs a blog on some very exciting Raspberry Pi Projects one of which that stands out is the “Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Demonstrator”. Why? Because it aptly defines the concept of “The Internet of Things”.

The Demonstrator is basically two Raspberry Pi’s connected with each other in a controlled environment over a simple LAN. The aim of the project is to ask partipants to come up with ideas of what the two devices would be communicating.

Let me briefly mention what we mean by the Internet of Things – if a “thing” can be connected over the internet, it will be able to participate in the WWW network of sensors and output devices (referencing David’s blog). The concept can be applied to various ideas which include healthcare, crop management and security.

To use an recent commercial example. The Good Night Lamp is based on sharing presence and availability of people across the globe. The idea – once a Primary lamp is switched on in a location (any where in the world) then any lamps that are connected also switch on simultaneously.

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