Making Sense of Location Based Services


What is Location Based Services?

Location Based Services (LBS for short) is not new technology. It is based on the technology entitled Geographic Information Systems which has been developed in the last 10 years. With the advent of the mobile phone and especially the smartphone with its advanced mini computer technologies, Location […]

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Strong Purchase Intent for Geo-Targeted Shoppers

Shopalerts, a partnership between AT&T and Placecast,  is an offering to consumers which consists of messages, offers, rewards, or coupons sent to their mobile phone when they are near a store or brand.  AT&T creates a ‘geo-fence’ or perimeter or the area to which the location-specific messages […]

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The shift from the Check-in to the Check-out

Despite security and privacy issues, there are indications that consumers are steadily embracing smartphones and the apps, content and media consumption they enable. Organisations are setting their sights on using these devices to influence transactions. This cultural shift is an indication of a change in mindset of […]

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Gowalla shuts its service

Location check-in service Gowalla has shut down.  This moves comes just after three months after Facebook bought Gowalla.  Facebook is looking to increase and improve location-based services on its site as rival check-in site FourSquare continues to grow in popularity. FourSquare and Gowalla both caused a few […]

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