Making Sense of Location Based Services


An Interview with Prof.William Webb in discussion about Weightless

The following interview was carried out with Prof. William Webb on July 9th 2012 at Neul’s office in Cambridge.  Prof. William Webb, FREng, FIET, FIEEE, Neul Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Neul William was Director of Technology Resources at Ofcom, the UK Communications regulator. William joined […]

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Megadroid, Smartphone security and Sandia National Laborities

Researchers as Sandia National Laboratories (US Govt Lab) have built a self-contained, Android based network comprised of 300,000 virtual hand held computer devices to study cyber disruptions and to help secure hand held devices. The project known as Megadroid will result in a software tool that will […]

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Cityvox enables diners to review experience with RFID

Cityvox a French media content company which operates a network of Web sites offering local content throughout France, is enabling diners to employ RFID to view reviews and ratings at more than 1,500 restaurants. The aim of using NFC technology is to make it easier for the […]

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Raspberry Pi

Set up the Raspberry Pi first time – will be carrying out projects related to “Location Based Services”. A number of good projects are outlined in various Linux Magazines – eg Linux Format..Will be writing more about this.      

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RFID, Alien Technology and the iPhone

Alien Technology has partnered with Turkey-based RFID company Teknopalas to develop a RFID reader network application designed for the Apple iPhone. The I-Alien ALR9900+ is a free application that monitors and controls an arrangement of one or more Alien ALR-9900+ Enterprise Readers on the network via an […]

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Arizona (USA), RFID, The NEST and Identification of suspects

RFID in conjunction with “Social Media” is being used by The Nest, the largest haunted attraction in Arizona USA, to enhance fear for the Halloween season, allowing thrill seekers to experience the maximum fright possible. The Nest is over 50,000 square feet, with nearly $1 million in […]

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RFID technology used to “Enhance” Party Goers Experience at Music Festivals

RFID technology is being ustilised to “enhance” people’s experience of live music events and parties. During the London 2012 Games, Intellitix powered some of the most exclusive private after-show parties using its full suite of RFID technologies. In addition to this an on-line audience of 2 million […]

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An Interview with Glenn Collinson Co-founder of Neul

The following interview was carried out with Glenn Collinson on July 9th 2012 at Neul’s office in Cambridge.  Glenn Collinson – Board Member, Chairman of the Strategy Committee. Glenn Collinson is a co‐founder of CSR and helped to manage its growth from a start‐up in 1998 to […]

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From my Thesis: A discussion of privacy – no straightforward solution in sight

(I will be adding the references later this week) Privacy issues are inherently important in the adoption of certain technologies and are often topics of discussion in the media. Alongside this a number of studies such as on carried out by the Context-Based Research Group highlighting the […]

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The Origins of LBS Checkin

The idea of the Checkin was first conceptualised by Dennis Crowley, the founder of DodgeBall. Crowley was the initial advocate for advocating the concept of geo-location social networks and the idea of using mobile technology to “check in” to physical locations. Dennis Crowley and co-founder Alex Rainert […]

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