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Adventures with Arch

I have managed to hone a skill that many people who are considering to install Arch Linux would want to do. Arch Linux is what can be termed as the “Power User System” but to be honest this description is a bit misleading. But saying that installing Arch is not really for people who are interested in a pre-installed system but requires a working knowledge of the “Command Line”. This knowledge is something that is always developing as there are many ways, not one, to solve a problem.

I have over a period of 4 months become more familiar with the system. and in the past two weeks gone through the installation procedure multiple times, testing out the various Graphical Front ends. This has helped to understand the system that much better, giving a better definition of the various commands and structure of Linux.

The Arch Wiki is really the best place to go for additional information, advice and tutorials – the knowledge based is not only applicable to this particular distribution but to other flavours of Linux.

Why is there is an interest in this?

The reasons are twofold; I can have a customised OS on my laptop that I use nearly everyday with out worrying about security and having the latest updates. Secondly, Linux is being adopted in the Smartphone arena which would allow users access to various liberties that have been taken for granted such as privacy.

But I am not here to expound philosophy as this freedom is only experienced when one has fully understood what this system can do. This is the first of many daily posts that I will be writing which will cover my experience and knowledge that is steadily developing and evolving.

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