23rd IoT Meetup

I attended the 23rd IOT Meetup in London last night. They say that the number 23 has some mysterious significance and truth be told I think that could be the truth. The event was an exciting as ever but more so with the quality of speakers that presented last night. The following is brief breakdown of the event..

The meetup was hosted at the Head Office of Xively.  Xively is a Platform as a Service that provides everything you need to simplify and accelerate the creation of compelling connected products and solutions.

The first speaker was David Ryan who was discussing Argot software development kit he has developed over a period of ten years with a live demonstration. Basically Argot is a series of tools and libraries designed to help software developers build languages for the Internet of Things.  It uses the concept of a compact extensible metadata dictionary that can be embedded on the smallest of devices. The Argot dictionary allows devices to store and document the structure of the data they use in communication.

The next speaker was the most intriguing of all.  Rachel Rayns is self driven entrepreneur, Artist & Maker and Raspberry Pi Fan.  Rachel discussed her transition to being the first Artist in Residence at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  Her full presentation can be found by clicking the here.  Rachel’s main goal is talking about the Pi’s potential as a tool for artists.

The last speaker was Dominique Guinard who talked about the developments of Android as the Universal Gateway for IoT.   Dominique’s talk covered the developments of QR codes, Near Field Communication and Arduino in IoT. Dominique’s full profile can be found here.

Finally a big thank you to Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Founder of the Good Night Lamp and a major influence in making sure that IoT London Meetup runs smoothly.